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urn -- and paper clay

updated sat 16 may 98


Barbara Veale on thu 14 may 98

I'm not only a recent potter, but also new to the list, which I am
enjoying very much from my rural, isolated location on the southern
coast of Oregon.

I have two questions I would appreciate help with. The first: I am
trying to design/build a handbuilt pottery urn to hold the ashes of
my father who recently died at age 97, but am stymied as to how to
make the lid so that it will seal. The best I've been able to come
up with is one that would have to be sealed with a ceramic glue, but
am wondering if microbes in the soil (it is to be buried -- family
tradition) would eat at the glue. Any design or other info would be
most appreciated.

My second question which arises from reading postings to the list is:
what is paper clay? Does this described clay creations made by
building around crumpled paper forms? Or do you for some reason work
the paper into the clay?

Incidentally, I attended Ian Currie's recent workshop in Salem, Oregon.
Didn't know what a treat I was in store for. What an introduction to
developing glazes!

Barbara Veale

DJFowkes on fri 15 may 98


You may want to investigate the following website which was developed by
Rosette Gault and is devoted to paperclay and 'pclay:

Dawne Jenelle Fowkes
Ventura, California