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updated tue 7 may 02


Joyce Lee on thu 14 may 98

Thank you to Bill from Persimmon Hill for the url for Strictly
Functional Pottery National. Bookmarked and wearing it out. I look
forward to viewing these pots online since I can't get to the show, and
very much appreciate Director Jean Lehman's intense effort in giving us
this experience. Such variety! A real treat! I may even make the trek to
Pennsylvania some day to view these "celebrity pots" in person....but
not until I get over pouting for missing NCECA......which will happen
soon. I missed NCECA, being suddenly possessed with a practical moment,
with the plan that the money and time would be spent at workshops. The
first such is coming up. Hooray for me! I'm scheduled for Tom Coleman's
Vegas workshop June 1 -5. (E-mailing me will do no good although it's
always nice to hear from Clayarters. Look in your last issue of CM, the
Geil ad, and find the address for Coleman's studio. May be room still.)
Remembering to pout is a pain (and I'm much, much too old for such
shenanigans) so will be glad to eliminate THAT from my life.

In the Mojave disbelieving of the rain dripping off the eaves once
again. It's a jungle out there on our desert scrub five acres....that is
IF you're very short (under 14 inches, let's say).

artimater on mon 6 may 02

HEHE....Isn't it funny how when you work closely with someone for a year =
or two...Work tends to take on similar attributes?....Wellll, at least =
you guys on CLAYART know where the style comes from....There was one guy =
this semester who sat and watched me work for weeks....He is doing my =
bowls very well now....A real scientist....very observant....Give him 5 =
years and you won't be able to tell his from mine.....He makes no bones =
about using my licks.....Some people are too cool to acknowledge their =
influences....So when you see my work, check out the bottom....It has to =
say RUSH on it if I made it....If it doesn't, I just made the =
potterHEHEHE....The one I'm thinking of likely drinks his coffee =
everyday out of the bowl I gave him....I guess he can't help himself...
"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"
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