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paperclay and fahrenheit 451

updated sat 16 may 98


Mary Dye on fri 15 may 98

Ditto on the suggestions to make friends w/ the fire department. When I
got the building permit for my wood kiln, I had to review the plans with
the city fire marshall and talk to him about the firing process. He turned
out to be a very reasonable guy. My first firing included a set of mugs as
a gift for the fire department, and I delivered them in person with a note
of appreciation. Now they know who I am, and I give them a call and let
them know when I'm going to fire.

I also try to be strategic about when I fire -- I don't fire when weather
conditions are such that smoke will hang low and stay in the neighborhood;
I time firings so that it won't be dark when bright orange flames are
leaping out the top of the chimney (and the peeps); and, in general, I try
not to fire when there is likely to be al lot of activity in the
neighborhood. I guess that I think of these sorts of things as part of
marketing and public relations -- part of building an audience for the
work, and a positive experience for my neighbors. Plus, I want my
neighbors to know that having an artist next door is a good thing -- not a
bad thing.