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fire fighting (re: paperclay and farenheit 451)

updated sat 16 may 98


Marc Kiessling on fri 15 may 98

~~Story ~ Not clay related~~
Hello Dannon:
Your story reminds me of a incident that happened to a friend of mine.
Glenn is a chiropractor with his practice in a large city. Halloween is
like a national holiday in his office. All the staff dress up; treats are
made; a witches brew is concocted (dry ice chips in glasses of punch); and
a smoke machine is rented (uses dry ice). Even patients are known to dress
up. His office is at street level.
A few years back someone noticed the smoke pouring out the bottom of his
front door and called the fire department. Two fire fighters dressed in
full battle fatigues (coats, boots, hats, oxygen masks, and axes) came
rushing into his office. Glenn comes out from a treatment room looking for
his next patient dressed as a wizard (smoke swirlling about him) and sees
these two guys and says, "Wow! Great Costumes! Glass of punch?"
I always timed my monthly check-up in October to the 31st. Great fun!
Regards, Marc (Victoria, B.C.)

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>At Univ. North Texas in Denton, we used to call whenever we were
>going to do a pit fire, because invariably someone would call
>when the smoke started to billow at the start of the firing.
>Oddly enough, the fire department could not interfere with the
>firings, because they were on State property, not their
>jurisdiction (they said, and not happily). But we called as a
>courtesy, and to save them the expense of a fire run. Once or
>twice they came, stayed in the street outside the fence, watched
>a while. They seemed to find it disconcerting. But they did
>not turn the hoses on...
>Dannon Rhudy
> remembering another small town where pit
>fires would have been illegal but barbecues were NOT - so I always
>added a few pieces of mesquite to the wood in the pit, and assured
>the fire dept. that we were having a party and were just starting
>the wood for the coal-bed needed for cabrito...ah, Texas.