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discounts (long again sigh)

updated sat 16 may 98


the cat lady on fri 15 may 98

At 08:28 AM 5/14/98 EDT, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>I was hoping not to get involved with the 'discounts' discussion,
>but I just have to reply to the cat lady's recent postings.
>My point is that there are no 'rules' here.
>Whatever works for each person is good, but may not be right for everyone.

I don't normally get involved with back and forth debates,
but must stop you here. If you check my 1st post on this
subject, I said "the definitive answer here is: it depends".

What I was addressing in the last post was a person who does
NOT deal with galleries saying that she doesn't discount her
work because it's already cheaper than a gallery (I'm paraphrasing
here, no flames please). My point *was* that since she admits
to not working with any galleries, she shouldn't make statements
on a subject that she has not researched/dealt with personally.

As I said in my 1st post, I give discounts to long time customers,
1st time customers who are purchasing large volumes, old stock
gets discounted, etc. I *hate* the person who walks up to me
for the 1st time, and picks up 2 cheaper items (under $20 range)
and asks immediately how much they get off for buying 2....I've
had more than 1 person assume a huge discount for 2nd piece -
anywhere from 50-100% off has been mentioned.

As for making sure what a gallery sells my work at, I do
check in periodically either personally or by phone and
see what my work is selling at. To date, thanks to good
relations with the retail people, it has been at the set
retail, or in the case of work being shipped a fair distance,
within a $1 (to cover shipping). Again, it all *depends*
- in this case on one's relationship with the retail owners.

Hope this clears up any lingering mis-understandings as
I find it hard to type while waving my hands around in
explanation (gosh, must have some french or italian blood
in me ;)
sam - from Broken Toe, Ontario

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>>What I would tell people who ask for a discount is that the ware IS
>>discounted; they are buying directly from me and there is no middleman. I
>>tell them that the piece would go for more in a gallery.
>>The later is speculative as I only sell from my home at this time.
>>Vestal NY