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used kiln to give away

updated tue 12 may 98


GoodrichDn on mon 11 may 98

Hi all,
A friend is cleaning out his garage and asked me to find out if anyone
would like to take an old electric kiln he has.
It's a Blue Diamond #2541, an oval about 4 feet by 2= feet. There are 3
rings, each originally 1440 watts. The lid and metal stands are with it, but
the whole thing shows age and a lot of use. The wiring is defunct, and I don't
know if it would be cost-effective to try to repair it. However, if you're
looking for an insulated box you can poke a couple of holes in and install a
burner for raku, or fill with sawdust and set on fire, you might give it a new
lease on life.
It's located in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois (the very northeasternmost corner
of the state) about halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago. If you'd like to
haul it away email me personally or call John Grace at 847-872-9614.

Don Goodrich