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question: high fire underglazes

updated tue 12 may 98


Arlene Nadel on sun 10 may 98

Can anyone help me with information about underglazes that are good on porcelain

MiltonsLin on mon 11 may 98

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High Fire Underglazes can be obtained from Leslie Ceramics, in Berkeley, CA.
They have a range of colors which can be fired to cone 10 without fading. The
colors I've used (and recommend) are Magenta, Navy (a deep cobalt blue), Dark
Green, and Yellow. These underglazes come in a small jar, and can be brushed
on either leather-hard-to-dry greenware or bisqueware. Since I prefer a matte
surface, I rarely use clear glossy glazes over an underglaze or slip. One of
my fellow ceramics students at Oakland's Laney College tried the Leslie
underglazes with the studio's clear glossy glaze (50% Gerstley Borate, 50%
Nepheline Syenite), and found that the glaze "ate" the green and yellow
underglazes, leaving a greyish muddy color, on porcelan fired to cone 10
reduction. I recommend that you try these underglazes on a test chip, before
coating finished wares.
Leslie also offers squeeze bottles containing their underglazes, which allows
one to decorate ceramic ware with lines or dots. Of interest is the Red
squeeze bottle underglaze, which results in a bright orange-red, in a
reduction atmosphere. The same UG results in a brick red in oxy. Good luck to
Milton, of Yucca Valley, CA