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pitfiring paper-clay

updated mon 11 may 98


Lhasha Danska on sun 10 may 98

Has anyone pit fired vessels made of paper clay?
Joy in Tucson

Joy, I just tried that last weekend. I had burnished the paper-clay,
and also sprayed on some terrasig---I was really pleased with the

In fact, a whole group pitfired paperclay---it was kind of an evening
pyromanic party after a day of attending a paper-clay workshop by
Siglinda Scarpa at the Dan Finch Pottery in Bailey, NC. The pit-firing
was a mini-workshop with Charlie Riggs...who by the way is an absolute

I think most people were happy with their results--it appeared to
pitfire like most other clays I've tried.

I'm still not sure whether it was that particular pitfiring, the paper
clay or the dancing around and beating drums while playing a
never knows until the method has been tried several times!!

Lhasha Danska

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