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call for entries: new ceramic books

updated sat 2 may 98


Tom Colson on fri 1 may 98


This looks like it might have some promise. Their web site doesn't contain
the forms as of today, but there are plenty of other options options to
contact them.




Lark Books/Altamont Press Announces Two Opportunities for Ceramic Artists

Extending the ceramics series which has included widely successful books
such as "Handbuilt Ceramics" by Kathy Triplett (1997) and "Handmade Tiles"
by Frank Giorgini (1994), Lark Books has scheduled two new full-color books
for production in 1998. Lark is seeking visuals from ceramic artists in the
form of high quality slides or transparencies which may be included as
examples. All artists are given credit. No fee is required to submit slides.

The two proposed books are:

Architectural Ceramics
by Peter King


Low Fire Surface Decoration
by Lynn Peters

For entry deadlines, guidelines, and forms for either book, send a SASE to:
Katherine Duncan
Lark Books
50 College Street
Asheville, NC 28801

or email your address to:

You may also leave a message which includes you address and choice of book
to Katherine Duncan's voice mail at (704) 253-0467, or fax an address to
(704) 253-7952. Sorry I won't be able to talk to you in person.

Don't forget!!! Please indicate on your mail, fax, message, or email the
book that applies to your work, either "Architectural Ceramics" or "Low
Fire Surface Decoration"

Also, check our website for these entry forms, which will be posted soon at


Tom Colson
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