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updated wed 29 apr 98


Beth and Matt Stichter on tue 28 apr 98

I thought it might be worth posting an inquiry as to the whereabouts of
Sager (or a cart kiln I could use as one), Salt, wood, or unusual kilns
here in Central Ohio ( I live in Downtown Columbus). Since I barely have
the meager means of bisque firing my work, I would be highly interested in
finding someone who would be willing to let me pay for kiln space from
which I could attain some more unusual surfaces. As a sculptor, I find
that my biggest headaches occur after the bisque, and not having the means
for experimenting with stains, oxides, etc...I am usually reduced to
painting the exterior with paint to mimic effects I have seen attained with
ceramic materials. I had an opportunity to Sager fire one of my pieces, and
it was *wonderful*....I would love to be able to try out similar effects
without having to pay through the nose to use University or school kilns.

BTW...I heard from someone that you can paint clay with acrylic and stick
it i the oven at a certain temp. and it will act like one of those "no
fire" or "low fire" commercial glazes. Is this true?? And if so, at what