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^6 mason stain

updated wed 29 apr 98


Joyce Lee on tue 28 apr 98

Reading Grace's post from yesterday with ^6 glazes, I saw mention of a
"blackberry mason stain." For those who work with ^6 oxidation
glazes: back three years ago in about my second month of pottery I had a
very, very poor, dumpy, thick, yucky pot covered with a gorgeous glaze
fired at ^6 ox using this stain. The "dumpy etc" was standard; the
"gorgeous" was not. I could never duplicate it, but maybe someone else
can. I still have the pot and have had ^6ers request the glaze many
times. I had mixed one of those little sample packets of blackberry
stain with whatever commercial clear glaze was left in the small bucket.
I used all this glaze which was nothing special. BUT I then mixed a
packet of yellow mason stain (sorry, don't remember which one)with a
quart or less of commercial white glaze MIXED IN THE SAME BUCKET with
the blackberry/clear mixture clinging to the sides. Really nice light to
darker yellow with rich blackpurplelavendery specks.

Don't write me about my methods and recordkeeping. I now keep a
notebook, even number my pots, and record each loading & firing move by
move (except for bisque). Remember, I just dived into this whole thing
and still am submerged most of the time........but I'm getting better.
Glazing another load of shinoes today. Report later for those
interested; otherwise, please delete.

In the Mojave