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spraying paperclay

updated sun 26 apr 98


David Orser on fri 24 apr 98

russel et al
we have this unit for spraying thick goopy ITC
coatings on our kilns. it is called a Marhalltown Texturemate drywall
hopper gun. it has variable orifice sizes from about 1/8 to 1/2 an inch
and will move a lot of material. probably a masonry supply or
plastererwould know where to find one .. or the folks at ITC

good luck

Roger Korn on sat 25 apr 98

This works just fine - much more even than brushing. It comes out FAST,
so you've got to keep things (gun, decorating wheel, whatever) moving.
My next crazy idea is to build a small kiln by spraying 50% paper
fireclay, 50% castable refractory over a wooden barrel sliced in half
lengthwise with flue and door waxed cores, interleaving corrugated
cardboard soaked in kaolin slip, maybe 5 layers for a thickness of ~
3/4" (2cm). Covering with plastic and allowing to dry slowly for a
month, then starting a low fire inside, slowly burning out the barrel
and increasing fire until a kiln results. I'll need to build the thing
on sand to allow contraction, but it might work!