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sandblasting paperclay slip and bleach

updated sun 26 apr 98


Linda Blossom on fri 24 apr 98


This is interesting, both the idea of spraying the paperclay slip and the
bleach/smell thing. I use bleach - just a little - in my paperclay and in =
paperclay slip bucket and have never had a smell. The bucket has been =
several months and still no smell. I think I used both regular bleach and
hydrogen peroxide based bleach with no problem. Try some hydrogen peroxide =
in a
batch and see if it helps. I would think that if the slip was not too thick=
you used a large enough nozzle for it to pass through, you could spray it. =
hose that would be placed in the bucket of slip could be cleaned out if it =
clogged up. You would just disconnect it from the spray unit and run water
through it. The spray head is not hard to disassemble (is that the right =
of s's?) and clean out. You have nothing to lose by trying

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LOWELL BAKER on sat 25 apr 98

I'm not using the sandblaster to spray paper clay. I am using a
commercial sprayer.