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making money from commercial ads (was buy a geil...)

updated sat 25 apr 98


Jean Lehman on fri 24 apr 98

There is good (fair) money to be made out there by getting to know
commercial photographers who uses your pots in his ads. With food ads, it
is usually up to the photographer to come up with the appropriate
container. And the potter gets the kick of seeing his or her pot on the
shelves in the store as well as a fee for making the piece.

I made a soup bowl for a frozen soup label. The bowl is an inch deep and
three inches across. There are rules that make it impossible to alter the
food, but altering the perception by having a small container is OK. The
demitasse spoon holding those peas in the soup made the vegies look nice
and big. Same thing happened with a *bean pot* that was VERY small... I
used to take the labels to craft shows with a sign that said "Can you find
the Jean Lehman pot on these labels?" (Hey, anything for credibility,
although I am not sure it directly increased sales!)


Jean Lehman, in Lancaster, PA
j_lehman@acad.FandM.EDU (that's an _underscore_ not a hyphen)
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