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glassy navy glaze for ^6?

updated fri 24 apr 98


Dai Scott on mon 20 apr 98

Hi, all! Does anyone out there have a recipe for a good glassy (or
translucent) cone 6 navy blue glaze (oxidation), that doesn't give a lot of
problems and looks good on a white stoneware body? I'm normally quite
willing to fiddle around, experimenting with colorants in my regular palette
of glazes, but am up against the wall, timewise. Having a recipe that works
for someone else would give me a starting point (I hope) and possible reduce
my "testing" time. Thanks!

Dai Scott - Pottery by Dai
from beautiful Kelowna-by-the-lake, B.C., Canada, where the skiing was
wonderful today, and so was the golfing---and I wasn't doing either of them!

LESAINT1 on tue 21 apr 98

Hello Dai. I've been testing Tony Hanson's c6 glossy base glaze and it might
be one for you to try. It's a nice deep blue with cobalt and does not craze on
any clay I've tested. The recipe is on his website under c6 glazes. The
address is and the recipe I tried is 20% each of
wollastonite, frit 3134, kaolin, flint and custer spar. I used 4% cobalt carb
for a very dark blue. Hope this helps. Leslie

Norm Straker on thu 23 apr 98

Hey Leslie,

I have a kiln full of test pieces with the 5 - 20% ingredient glaze from
Tony's web page. I like to call it the 5X20 glaze.

Since there are not many color additions to this glaze I was wondering if
you had any that are proven to work.

The additions I have in the kiln will come out tomorrow about this time.

Thanks for any info and I'll pass on my results if you are interested.

Norm! 8^o

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