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underglaze info

updated tue 21 apr 98


Berry Silverman on sun 19 apr 98

I am trying to find someone well-versed in underglazes and their
behavior with leadfree glazes to help me solve a few nagging problems.
Ron Roy suggested perhaps someone on the list will know or be able to
point me in the right direction. I'm hoping he's right. Anyone? TIA.

Berry Silverman
Tucson, Arizona

Tim Stowell on mon 20 apr 98

I think that many of us who are working in low-fire have nagging
problems and questions. I know we do. It seems that everytime I think I
have the solution to one I find another. I would be happy to share any of
the solutions that I have found to the problems that have cropped up.

Tim Stowell Gerard Stowell Pottery
Stacey Gerard 290 River Street Troy, NY 12180

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