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terra sig clay from dust collector

updated mon 20 apr 98


Tony Hansen on sun 19 apr 98

In case anyone is not aware, at Plainsman Clays we mine and grind
raw clays for use in pottery bodies. We have a dust collector in
the grinding room that sucks dust out of the air and catches it
in a baghouse that we empty into a wheelbarrow and "gasp!" throw
away or recycle. Someone gave us the idea that this would work
well for terra sig so I got the first sample of an iron reduction
stoneware last week. I mixed some up yesterday it is very fine and
smooth (with some scattered 150-325 mesh particles that you can
just barely detect between your fingers.). Anyway, it paints and dries
onto dry ware beautifully and burnishes awesomely. We need to find
jars and shipping boxes and will make this available for sampling
on an web page in the next month or two. We will try to make
several different types available. Stay tuned.

T o n y H a n s e n
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