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st. croix valley potters tour and sale 5/16-17

updated sat 18 apr 98


Kate and Phil Smith on fri 17 apr 98

May 16 &17 from 10 to 5
7 Studios with 16 Potters
Robert Briscoe, Mary Barringer, Will Swanson, Janet Jacobson, Malcolm
Davis, Richard Vincent, Scott Malcolm, Linda Christensen, Tim Crane, Jeff
Ostrich, John Dawson, Pat Burns, Andy Balmer, Connie Mayerson, Fuller
Cowles, Sandy Simon, Gail Kendall, Richard Abnet

The directions are a bit involved, but here is a quick cut at it.

#1From Mpls or St. Paul, I 35 North to Harris, W on cty 10 a bit, if you
get to Stark , you've gone to far, (Briscoe #1)
#2 10 east to cty 33 (going back over I 35), cty 33 south to North
Branch, East on State H 95 to Hemmingway, No on Hemmingway to Richard
Vincent( Scott Malcolm, is here too. He has these mega hands yet throws
nano pots!)
#3 Go back to St Highway 95. 95 East to cty 9. No on cty 9 to Will
Swenson and Janet Jacobson.
#4 So on 9 , past 95 to cty 15. West on 15 to Vibo trail. So on Vibo.
#5 No on Vibo trail to 15. 15 East to Pottery Trail, this is just west
of downtown Almalund MN.
#6 15 to St. H. 95 in Almalund through Taylors Falls to Shafer, to 29559
Unity Ave
#7 Unity Ave back to 95. 95 So, past Marine on St Croix, to cty 59 to
Richard Abnet, another MN Coverboy from recent Ceramics Monthly!

There are usually maps available at the studios.

Phil Smith
White Bear Lake, MN