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selling bisque

updated tue 14 apr 98


CBeck on sat 11 apr 98

I have been approached by local ceramics studio about selling bisque ware
to folk currently taking classes at the studio. Can anyone advise me:
good/bad idea? Pricing? And what about handbuilding classes? Any advice
appreciated--am total novice in this area. Am recovering from CTS surgery;
income would be nice, if ceramics-studio-path not laden with lurking problems.

VandRKatz on mon 13 apr 98

I have several concerns for your long term career in clay. First of all - do
not throw again until you have been cleared by your orthopaedic surgeon.
Secondly, make certain that they are willing to pay you for hand built bisque
pieces. Usually, these places ( 'Purple Glaze' type places ) want less
expensive mold/poured pieces. If you have a nice supply of bisqued pieces you
want to dump, you might consider glazing them yourself & selling them. If you
need the money, well Maslow's needs, shelter, food, safety, etc.
Best of luck,
Vicki Katz
Katz Creek Pottery