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minnesota potters up north too.

updated sun 12 apr 98


Haddie Hadachek on sat 11 apr 98

Louise, Actually Mn. is full of potters that would be worth your time to go
see. Some of us live a bit farther North than the upper St. croix but are
worth the trip.

Tony and Erica Allison (Tony occasionly posts to this list)
2 1/2 hr. N of the Twin Cities
Near Palisade and Aitkin, MN

and me Haddie Hadachek (a lurker on the list)
Black Bear Pottery
2 hr. N of the Twin Cities
Near Garrison and Mille Lacs Lake
ph. 218-764-3296

Both are full working studios and deep in the woods or at least deep!
Interesting places with lots to offer. Come visit. Call me and I can get
you Tony and Erica's ph # and locations of some other potters.. Really,
there's more to MN than the metro area. Frogs croaking, buds popping, mud
slinging, wood smoking, spring loving characters!!


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>kurt wild wrote:
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>> > Could anyone tell me how to get information about the studio tour and sale
>> > the upper St. Croix River valley of Minnesota?
>> >
>> > Thanks in advance,
>> > Louise in a sunny and warm Cincinnati
>> Louise: I don't have the addresses with me know but will get an
>> address for you. The best source is the Northern Clay Center and they
>> could put ypou in touch with Jeff Oestriech and others. Send me you
>> email address so I can reply further.
>> Kurt Wild eamil:
>Louise: Here are the addresses: Northern Clay Center
> 2424 Franklin Ave East
> Minneapolis, MN 55406
> Phone: 612-339-8007
> Fax: 612-339-0592
> Minnesota Crafts Council
> 528 Hennepin Ave Suite 216
> Minneapolis, MN 55403
> Phone: 612-333-7789
> Other sources: Tom Wirt & Betsy Price
> Hutchinson, MN
> email:
> Jeff Oestreich & Scott Goldberg
> One hour north of Minneapolis/St. Paul
> Phone: 612-583-2532
> Linda Christianson
> Phone: 612-257-2374
>Hope this helps.