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korean workshop

updated wed 31 may 00


Mo and Les Beardsley on fri 10 apr 98

Please note that there are some spaces left for the Korean Workshop
with Korean Potter, Kim Yung Moon. Attached please find the itinerary
for your info.
Regards to All
Maureen Beardsley, Sunny Ladysmith B.C.


Place: PJ Kiln Osan Korea
Date: 12 June - 25 June 1998
Cost: 400.00 US for Room, Board and internal travel
Showing of Ware: Issa dong, Seoul Korea


12 June - Arrive in Seoul and transfer to Osan (site of the festival)
Welcome dinner party and orientation.
13 June - Slide presentation of two of Korea's traditional forms of
Pottery - Onggi and Puncheong
Photos will be taken for the show catalogue
14 June - 17 June - crafting Onggi and Puncheong pottery

18 June - Travel: Korean Folk Village, Suwon Castle, Kyonggi Province
Folk Museum, the Ho-Am Art Museum
19 June - More Ceramics

20 June - Move to display in Insa dong

21 June - Morning: visit to National Museum
Afternoon: Open exhibition with reception complete with
Korean music, dance, etc.
22 June - More firing

23 - 24 June - Individual projects and free time

25 June - End of Festival.

Please contact: Maureen Beardsley
R.R. #4, Ladysmith, B.C. V0R 2E0
Phone: 250-245-4867
Fax: 250-245-4867

Dannon Rhudy on sat 27 may 00

I've just been given some information on a Korean workshop
with Korean potter Kim Yong Moon, that takes place this
summer from July 1 to July 11, and said I'd pass it on to
the list. I know that some list members attended a
similar workshop last year, and maybe they'll have commments.
I have no information other than what is noted below:

Macsabal International Woodfire Festival 2000

July 1 Opening Ceremonies, concert
July 2-4 Workshop begins
July 5 Visits to Museums & Galleries
July 6 More workshop
July 7 Workshop, slides
July 8 Wood firing, (Osan)
July 9 Workshop & slides
July 10 Village & province tour
July 11 Unload kiln, exchange of works, close of workshop

Workshop includes pottery making, slides shows, salt
firing, onggi pot throwing.

Organizers are Yongin city, Osan city, Ministry of Culture,
Kyonggi Cultural Foundation, MBC TV, and others.

The FEE, which includes food, lodging, materials and
admission fees to museum, etc) is: $200/American. Air
fares are the responsibility of the participant.

Perhaps a previous attendee or two could comment on the
arrangements. It is remarkably inexpensive, it seems to me.

For more information: phone 82-339-374-1336 (Kim Yong Moon);
email:; address, PJ Kiln, Kual -3 Dong 442,
Osan City, Kyonggi Do, South Korea, 447-140