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updated sat 11 apr 98


maggie j jones on fri 10 apr 98

It was in 1992...FDA, Dept of Health and Human Services, Public Health
Services, from out of Atlanta...definetly federal...Freeman asked how he
found us, at home our studio and he said "we have our ways"...He only
tested for lead. We told him we didn't use lead and he said well I'm
going to test anyway. The only nice thing he said was that potters always
have nice music on!...we've heard that before from electricians etc.
On Thu, 9 Apr 1998 04:24:11 EDT OWL POTTER writes:
>You wrote: <***** My glaze was tested by the
>government ...some guy showed up and said he was going to test it
>I approved or not! So now I have a signed, government statement on my
>wall that my glaze is safe!>
>I am interested in how this happened? Where did it happen? Did he
>show up at
>your studio? What department of the government was he from? State,
>Local? Did he explain how he found you and why he was testing your
>And what did he test it for?
>Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan

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