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mason stains at cone 10r

updated tue 7 apr 98


Craig Martell on mon 6 apr 98


Edwin asked if I would post the Mason stains that I've used at cone 10R, so
here they are. I've used quite a few but I'll just post the ones that I've
used the most and am currently using.

As Paul Lewing suggested, you can get data sheets and color charts from
Mason that have advice on how to use the stains, temperatures, glaze
requirements etc.

Jade Green-6255
Bermuda Green-6242
Manganese-Alumina Pink-6020 (this one is bubble gum pink and I blend in some
iron to make it less disturbing.
Dark Teal-6371
Deep Turquoise-6390

I was looking at the Mason color list and it gives the general composition
of all the stains, and the ones that can be used as body stains or colorants
in high temp porcelain slips have a symbol that tells if they are suitable
for that purpose. Some of the chrome tin pinks and mauves have that symbol
but they won't work in reduction.

later, Craig Martell-Oregon