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books on photographing

updated tue 7 apr 98


Janet H Walker on mon 6 apr 98

Lots of posts lately about photographing pots. Seems like a good
time to share the reference to my favorite book on the topic:

Russell Hart, Photographing your Artwork: A Step-by-step guide to
taking high quality slides at an affordable price.
Northlight Books, Revised Edition, 1992. US$19.

This book is great -- works hard at demystifying the whole thing.
Tells you just what you need to know without drowning you in theory.
Lots of diagrams. Very clear discussion of the issues in lighting
3-D work. Although you wouldn't know it to look in CM these days,
there is in fact more than one way to light a pot to photograph it,
depending on what you want the photograph to say.

Jan Walker
Cambridge MA USA