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bison tools!

updated tue 7 apr 98


John Tilton on mon 6 apr 98

I second Jonathan's recommendation for Bison tools. I personally own
about 8 or 9 of them, yes at 50.00 each, and they have trimmed porcelain
for many years without sharpening---close to 1000 pots. A Kemper or
Dolan tool lasts only 8 or 10 pots between sharpenings for me.

Bison tools are made of tungsten carbide, and they are very brittle.
They need much greater care than a less expensive tool. If you drop them
, they will break. But the advantage of always picking up a sharp tool
outweighs the disadvantage of the extra care,IMHO.

John Tilton
Alachua, Fl