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outline glaze book

updated tue 7 apr 98


hal mc whinnie on sun 5 apr 98

an outkline of my glaze book can be sent to all who send me a snail mail

it is divided into 4 parts
section one
reaku and low fire glazes
section two
middle range for cone 5-6
section three
high fire for cone ten
section four
some theory concaerns

some sample chapters
what is a glaze mistabke anyway?
blues in the not so abstract
all about copper reds
why I like gertsley borate
the barium question

thaere are a t otal of 25 chapters or paapers in this book
hal mc whinnie3

JCullen845 on mon 6 apr 98

Hal, I'd be very interested in your reading your outline. I am in the process
of setting up my studo and I will be glaze testing all summer to find my basic
set of glazes.

Are you interested in constructive criticism of the outline? If not, I can
simply read it and keep my mouth shut. Either way is workable for me.

Thanks for the opportunity.

My address is:

Jim Cullen
845 Edgewater Drive
Naperville, IL 60540