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boron expansion

updated sat 4 apr 98


Ron Roy on fri 3 apr 98

Hi Maggie,

Pots don't break from crazing. Better send me the recipe so I can try to
acertain what is going on.

It is true that low expansion glazes can crack and look like crazing though.


>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> We have been using pieces of foam rubber that you can get at a Foam and
>Fabric outlet. Used for pillows,mattresses etc. can be bought by the sq.
>yard at diff. thicknesses. I don't even remember where ours came from ,
>but cut them up to suit your needs, cleaning and wheelwork.
>I'm still looking for the "expansion and Boron " threads...! I have
>conclusive results that prove my glaze was crazing so bad the pots broke
>( not dunting) after Brian, at Highwater, added pyrophillite to the clay
>I had been using forever.
>Maggie Jones , Turtle Island Pottery, Black Mtn. NC
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