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^10 white stony matte glaze

updated sat 4 apr 98


Orion/Baker on fri 3 apr 98

Here's an extremely reliable recipe for a very white stony matte Cone 10
(9-11) glaze:

EPK 2400 gm
Talc 860 gm
Dolomite 1980 gms
Cornwall Stone 2400 gm
Nepheline Syenite 1660 gm
Zircopax 920 gm

Batch: 10,200 gms

Notes: Mix/thin to "half & half" consistency -- works well for pouring,
dipping, or spraying. Can produce nice, "half tone" effects when
overlapped with colored glazes. This glaze is very white on white clays,
and picks up a nice (proportionate) rusty blush from buff to dark red


Ellen Baker - Glacier, WA