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(fwd) sculpture commission for late-starters

updated sat 4 apr 98


Rick Janssen on fri 3 apr 98

Hi All -- Received the below info from another list. Thought it may
be of interest to some fellow clayarters. Rick L. Janssen

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Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 18:11:27 +0000
Organization: University of Derby, UK
Subject: Sculpture commission for late-starters
From: Chris Unsworth

Press Release

Sculpture commission for late-starters

A chance for second-chance sculptors ... a university centre pioneering
life-long learning in a Lincolnshire coastal market town is looking to
commission a sculpture to celebrate the life and work of the man who
shaped it.

Alan Champion, who died 2 years ago, was the first Warden and resident
tutor of Pilgrim College, Boston. The College was a remarkable post
World War II innovation in extra-mural adult education by the University
of Nottingham, in partnership with the WEA.

Alan, a warm, funny and original teacher of philosophy and literature,
and director of plays, ran the College for 33 years from its opening in
a bomb-damaged 18th century wine merchant's house. His talent for
makingthings happen threw up all kinds of initiatives, including
Boston's Blackfriars Arts Centre. The College and the Arts Centre
became twin foci for intellectual energy in the town, peopled by the
plumber-philosophers,landworking actors, postman-archaeologists,
teacher-poets and doctor-historians. 50 years on, Pilgrim College goes
from strength to strength, and Blackfriars is a model for the cultural
building in a smallercommunity.

At a time when access to higher education was very difficult for mature
students, Alan encouraged, inspired and pushed a succession of
second-chance students into college and university. He was a key
supporter of the Open University in the Midlands.

To mark Alan's quiet and special achievements, a sculpture is being
commissioned for the College garden. Reflecting his commitment to
second-chance education, the commission is open only to sculptors who
are second-chancers themselves. The College is looking for people who
came into sculpture through other routes than the direct one from school
into art school.

The commission is for 5,000pounds and the closing date for submissions
is May
29th 1998. Sculptors who fit the bill can get an information pack from
David Jones, the Warden and resident tutor, Pilgrim College, South
Square, Boston, Lincolnshire, telephone 01205 351520.

For Immediate Release

For more information, contact David Jones, Warden and Resident Tutor
Pilgrim College, South Square, Boston, Lincolnshire, telephone 01205

Pilgrim College is part of the University of Nottingham's Department of
and Continuing Education


Sculpture Commission
Pilgrim College, Boston, Lincolnshire

The commission - a permanent piece to be located in the College garden
celebrate the life and work of Alan Champion, the College's founding

Alan Champion was a pioneering adult educator who helped many mature
into higher education. We are looking for sculptors who have not taken
conventional secondary school/art school route, and who may have been
students themselves.

A fee of 5,000 is payable for the commission

Information pack from David Jones at Pilgrim College, South Square,
Lincs. Telephone 01205 351520. Submissions by May 29th 1998.

Chris Unsworth

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