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updated fri 27 mar 98


Joyce Lee on thu 26 mar 98

I absolutely know nothing except what I've heard and read about grad
school in the arts. However, here we've just had a local young woman
accepted at Alfred and her major strength (and it IS major and strong)
is functional work, although she is most certainly very capable of
sculpting. Probably works in functional because her biggest influence
has been a teacher/artist of like mind, Paul Meyers of Cerro Coso
Community College, who does both beyond supremely well. Sometimes a
school just lucks out and picks up an artist in his youth who, in later
years, becomes Teacher of the Year for California as Paul did. Anyway, I
don't think any school judging Shannon's very strong work would not
accept her.

In the Mojave going out to unload and knowing in advance (I always peek)
that my beautiful rutile blue has not run onto the shelves for once, nor
is it's BROWN. What happened?????