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dannon's kiln

updated tue 24 mar 98


Mel Jacobson on mon 23 mar 98

just a tiny report.
dannon's flat top is up and running....the gas problems have been
solved. she now has about 8 pounds of pressure, cut back to 4.
the kiln is a dandy. (in spite of janitor plumbers. you have all met
them, `he wally bob, you be the plumber, you like pipe.` `and hell we
cain't be thar for at least 9 weeks, we gotta work over in the math

so we started with crooked brick, got them straight, had water and gunk coming
from the gas line, and regulators that were too small. now all is fixed,
and she, of course, will make that kiln `sing`, and without question....
great pots will come from that kiln. (her test firing had about 8 pats of
cone 10's coming down together...perfect.)

last post before nceca...look forward to seeing you all.
damn, now i am nervous.....(well ,not really)