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aluminum foil saggar

updated mon 23 mar 98


Vince Pitelka on sun 22 mar 98

Jan Walker emailed me about several unclear points in my post yesterday and
I thought I should reply on Clayart for others to see.

> ...extra large tin foil...
>You mean aluminum foil? I assume. But just checking.

Yes, the extra large, heavy duty aluminum foil.

> ...firing to 1000 degrees...
>I assume I can assume Fahrenheit but again just checking. Once
>the numbers get "up there" it starts to make quite a difference!

Yes, 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go too high, the foil will sag and
fracture, and you will loose the sagger effects, but it won't otherwise hurt
the piece. It will take a bit of experimentation to choose the temperature
that works best for you.
- Vince

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