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kilnvent ductwork

updated fri 20 mar 98


Erin Hayes on thu 19 mar 98

Hi All!

I saw Liisa recommending aluminum dryer venting for an Orton kiln vent
and I thouhgt I would mention that we've been using aluminum venting
onour two vents for three years now.

If you use the kiln a lot, you'll have to replace the venting fairly
often. We're firing about 35 times every ten weeks and we need to
replace the ducting almost twice every year. We're firing a red
stoneware body.

The fumes seem to corrode the ducting. The aluminum venting just falls
to flakes after a while. Every time I've replaced it, I've seen sulfur-y
deposits in the wreckage.Better to corrode the ductwork than the
elements, though!

Anyone try that nice galvanized ducting? We've opted for the
replacement schedule on the ventwork, but wouldn't galvanized ducts
prevent most of the problem?