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cut off wires/tools

updated fri 20 mar 98


Mel Jacobson on thu 19 mar 98

had a request to describe my cut off wires.
nice for class room, and of course potters.

i have used metal trolling line found in most fine bait
and fishing stores. it comes like 12lb, 17 lb and 20 pound
test. I have used the 17 lb test line. (the stuff i use came
from buck perry, of hickory n.c.....the worlds finest fisherman.
the father of structured fishing, and the spoonplug.)

i take a length and double it, make a knob out clay (bisqued)
and attach. then twist the knobs in opposite directions. and you
have a long lasting (won't rust) cut off of any length that you choose.
the heavy bisque knob will set in your bucket of water with one end
hanging out.

the reason i do not use washers, nuts etc. is that the pug mill always
chewed up the bisque knobs without bothering the blades.

i do not use many metal things around my studio..
my pug mill hates metal.

i tried to use as many scrap wood tools as i could make...that is why a
small belt sander is so nice in a studio...i would insert a nail in the end
of a dowel or quarter inch stick and sharpen for a needle tool.

quarter inch strips of hard wood about and inch wide would be cut
into 45 sticks. (to cut under pots when finished throwing.) wood shops
have tons of scrap wood (oak) in this dimension.

duct tape and electricians tape is wonderful for wrapping sponges
to dowels for deep pots....if you wrap them tight they are great
for throwing sticks.

i would buy or scrounge a foam mattress pad (egg carton) pattern
and cut it into about a thousand sponges. (great for school room)_
big pieces for clean up, and small ones for the bucket.

we never bought tools, just made them by the hundreds.
kids got very creative with their personal tools.

and one hundred yards of metal fishing line would last the entire year.

mel/ mn.
helpful hints inc.

p.s. a stainless measuring cup with it's handle taped to a dowel makes
a great dipper for glaze.