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beginner's tricks

updated sat 21 mar 98


Joyce Lee on wed 18 mar 98

Janet Price's post reminded me of the stamps that I use the most, the
ones that help me achieve a tiny bit of the look of Dannon's gorgeous
pots in CM. I realize this isn't earthshaking, but the stamps I make
from the bottoms of sneakers, when overlapped, or maybe just a corner of
the stamp is used, produce some very nice designs. Sneakers have such a
variety of designs with various depths that they seem a natural.

In the Mojave in a state of wonder gazing at the wildflowers on our
place, flowers that haven't grown this far down in the valley in the 26
years we've lived in the desert.

Gracedart on thu 19 mar 98

yes 6-8 yr old Saturday clay students made the wonderful
discovery of sneaker prints, quite by accident when some clay fell on the
floor and it got stepped on but then they were off. We actually saved 2 for
Indian rose wood batik blocks have been used to create nice textures on slab
molded bowls. the rubber stamps without wooden backs are great for slab
textural work...tiles, trays etc

The Slack-DeBrock Family on fri 20 mar 98

Hi- regarding the Indian batik blocks- do you have any idea of a source for
them? I live in the northwoods,(and cannot browse the city neighborhoods!)
and would appreciate it if anyone knows of a catalog or other source for
those beautiful designs. TIA

Joan Slack-DeBrock/River Run Pottery
P.O.Box 95
McNaughton, WI 54543