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brochure for workshops at app. ctr.

updated sat 14 mar 98


Vince Pitelka on fri 13 mar 98

I have received several inquiries asking where the brochures are for our
summer workshop schedule. Sorry for the delay. They just came back from
the printers, and are being sent out right now. Thanks for your patience.
I have repeated the listings below. If anyone wants a brochure and has not
yet requested one please email me your snail-mail address or call the Center
at 615/597-6801.

June 8-12
Jeff Oestreich - "Put a Lid On It" - exploration of covered vessels -
thrown, altered, handbuilt. Jeff Oestreich - former apprentice to Bernard
Leach, one of Americas most respected potters. Both presenters this week
will work with all participants.

Gail Kendall - "Put a Lid On It" - exploration of covered vessels - thrown,
altered, handbuilt. Gail Kendall - Assoc. Prof. of Ceramics at U of
Nebraska, noted potter and educator. Both presenters will work with all

June 15-19
William Daley - "Upscale Handbuilding" - handbuild stoneware to confound
gravity, using templates and armatures. Bill Daley is Distinguished
Professor Emeritus of the University of the Arts, holder of College Arts
Distinguished Teacher of Art Award, has work in museums worldwide.

Vince Pitelka - "Ancient Clay" - Explore construction, decoration, and
firing of ancient and tribal vessels and sculpture - coil-construction,
burnishing, terra sigilatta, bonfiring, etc. VP is Asst. Prof. of Clay and
Head of Clay Program at TTU's App. Ctr. for Crafts.

June 22-26
Joan Bruneau - "Throw, Cut, Paste - Useful Pots in Earthenware" - explore
mechanics, aesthetics, and expressive potential of low-fire tableware. Joan
Bruneau is a full-time potter in Nova Scotia - work has been featured in CM
and "Contact."

Karl Borgeson - "Raku" - Handbuilt and thrown/altered forms for raku, using
variety of post-firing treatments including sandblasting and gold-leafing.
Karl Borgeson is Professor of Ceramics at U of Wisconsin-Whitewater, known
for his thrown/altered raku, reduction, and salt-firing.

July 6-10
Kirk Mangus - "Making Pots" - exploration of all kinds of pots - find new
ways of forming and decorating pots on the wheel. Discussion of many firing
options. Kirk Mangus teaches at Kent State U, known for dramatic
thrown/altered pots.

Nick Seidner and Diane Rosenmiller - "Woodfiring" - participants will make
and decorate pots, but will also bring bisque pots for at least two
simultaneous wood-firings. Nick Seidner is a full-time potter in Vermont,
Diane Rosenmiller runs the Frog Hollow Craft Center in Middletown Springs,

July 13-17
Rosette Gault - "Paperclay" - information-packed workshop on all aspects of
paperclay, taught by the acknowledged master of the medium. Rosette Gault
has written two books on paperclay, and numerous articles in ceramics

Paul Lewing - "Tile: Making, Decorating, Marketing" - Intensive hands-on
tile workshop covering all aspects of tile work, with an emphasis on
decorating, including china paints. Paul Lewing is a full-time clay artist
since 1972 residing in Seattle, and one of the countries leading experts on
ceramic tile. See recent article in CM.

July 20-24
Neil Forrest - "Ceramics for Architecture" - Exploration of traditional and
new techniques for creating 3-D architectural elements - will include
extensive slide shows on ceramic architectural decoration. Neil Forrest is
Assoc. Prof. of Ceramics at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and has
written articles in "Ceramics Art and Perception," "Contact" and "ARTS

Stephen Robison and Kathleen Guss - "Thrown and Handbuilt Forms for Coffee
and Tea" - Exploration of forms from diverse world traditions. Soda-fired
stoneware and lo-fired terracotta. Stephen Robison is currently an artist
in residence at the Craft Center, and teaches ceramics at Belmont
University. Kathleen Guss is a full-time potter and an artist in residence
at the Craft Center.

All workshops are five days hands-on - arrival on Sunday, workshop Monday
through Friday inclusive, 9 to 4 with an hour for lunch, and 24-hour studio
access. If you take two successive workshops you may arrange to stay over
the intervening weekend. Workshops are scheduled two per week for three
weeks before and three weeks after the 4th of July week. For those who
don't know, the Craft Center is located on a wilderness preserve overlooking
Center Hill Lake, 60 miles east of Nashville just off I-40.
Condominium-style housing and meal-plan available on-site, other
accommodations close-by.

Email me your snail-mail address to receive a full brochure.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka -
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