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workshop notice-

updated fri 13 mar 98


Robert Compton on thu 12 mar 98

Workshop Notice-
From March 15th to May 2nd I will be visiting potteries and
giving a series of workshops in England, Wales and Ireland. I will not
be answering my e-mail or letters received after March 15th, they will
be responded to as soon as possible upon my return in May.

Any potters who wants to participate in our SUMMER WORKSHOPS can
send in a registration while we are gone. I will hold space based on
postmarked date. Anyone who signs up for a summer workshop in my
absence will be contacted when we return as to availability. Please
note, The June 12-15th Experiencing the Fire workshop has only one
space left, all the other workshops are about half full.

There is complete information about the Firing and Throwing
workshops on our web site, see URL below, or you can write for a
workshop brochure and we will s-mail you a copy when we return.

Good potting to you all,


Robert Compton Pottery
3600 Rt 116
Bristol, Vermont 05443 802-453-3778