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korean workshop - kim yong-moon

updated fri 13 mar 98


Mo and Les Beardsley on thu 12 mar 98

Please note further details on Wood Fire Workshop in Korea
Place: PJ Kiln Osan Korea
Date: 12 June - 25 June 1998
Cost: 400.00 US for Room, Board and internal travel
Showing of Ware: Issa dong, Seoul Korea


12 June - Arrive in Seoul and transfer to Osan (site of the festival)
Welcome dinner party and orientation.
13 June - Slide presentation of two of Korea's traditional forms of
Pottery - Onggi and Puncheong
Photos will be taken for the show catalogue
14 June - 17 June - crafting Onggi and Puncheong pottery

18 June - Travel: Korean Folk Village, Suwon Castle, Kyonggi Province
Folk Museum, the Ho-Am Art Museum
19 June - More Ceramics

20 June - Move to display in Insa dong

21 June - Morning: visit to National Museum
Afternoon: Open exhibition with reception complete with
Korean music, dance, etc.
22 June - More firing

23 - 24 June - Individual projects and free time

25 June - End of Festival.