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is crazing ok?

updated thu 12 mar 98


Dave Allen on wed 11 mar 98

Hi again,

"Is Crazing OK?"

It's me, and I've got some good news and some bad news.

First the good news. As some of you know, we lost a couple fo elements
in our little home made kiln when a couple of my bigger bowls decided to
blow up. They were probably not dry enough and being too thick in the
bottom we couldn't tell. We learned our lesson and the good news is we
purchased two kiln elements (there are only four in the whole kiln) and
replaced them ourselves. I finished the bisque firing and they work much
better than the old ones which were probably 20 years old anyway.

Now the bad news. We then glazed a number of peices and discovered that
the glaze we use (Patty's Crystal Clear) crazes on Ferrie 97 cone 6, and
cone-5 B-Mix when it is clear. When we add 2% Chrome it does not craze
but with any of the other colourants (ie: cobalt, rutile/copper) it
crazes. Why is this? The real bad news is I was really happy with this
stuff but a few days later it crazed and now I am even more confused.

I am about to try some Seattle Alpine White which I threw last week and
I will attempt to use this glaze again but only on a few pieces. The
rest I will try with Tony Hansen's 20/20/20/20/20 as has been
recommended by everyone including Tony.

So the question is (and I know this might sound really dumb) but.... Is
crazed glaze OK for using on cups and bowls and other dinner wear? I
mean these things are really nice shapes and colours and I have just
started getting some of my non-crazed stuff into three galleries here on
the Sunshine Coast and had hopes of making at least enough to support my
potting habit and at most turning it into a full time gig.

So do any of you professionals sell stuff that is crazed? Is any of it
for food or am I out in left field?

Dave and Vik

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