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cone 10 reduction glazes

updated mon 10 sep 07


phyl2 on wed 11 mar 98

I'm looking for some rich colors to go on a white stoneware clay
body. I'm willing to test anything from glossy to matt. I'd like to
stay away from earth tones. I do some carving in my pots, so perhaps
glazes that pool, or break well over designs


William & Susan Schran User on sun 9 sep 07

On 9/8/07 4:44 PM, "Gene Arnold" wrote:

> I have John Britt's book and plan to try several of the recipes. Are there any
> other good cone 10 books?? Does anyone have any breath taking cone 10 recipes
> they would be willing to share. I've been to the archives and all over the
> place on the internet. I would just like to have some tried and true recipes
> to start out with.

On my web site you will find a list of ^10 glazes we use at school:

Most of the listed glazes are reliable and stable (don't run), but Monk
Green & Pete's Cranberry are lower in clay so they will flow if too thick or
fired too high.

Right now the VCT & Autumn Yellow are my favorites.

Let me know how they work for you.

William "Bill" Schran