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subject: re: overfired question

updated wed 11 mar 98


Wayne Hausknecht on mon 9 mar 98

>The bisque Kiln we used in the studio failed to turn off and fired all
>night...very lucky the place didn't burn down...the pots inside are now high
>They are interesting texure wise but I want to know if I can apply glaze to
>them and high fire them in the gas kiln.
>Someone suggested we heat the pots in the very small bisque Kiln and then
>apply galze when they are hot. I'd like to either glaze them or at least
>place a wash on them and then refire them....anyone know if they will
>The high fired clay probably won't absorb much glaze, using these pieces as
functional kitchenware may not be satifactory, additionally the shrinking of
the glaze on an already high fired piece may be problamatic sic but you can
try surface glaze of heated pots, I have by using the glazes just a bit
thicker than usual with added Pancake surrip sic about 2 table spoons per
gallon to help the glaze stick to the pot. Seat of the pants technology.

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Cat81257 on tue 10 mar 98

Hey I've done that before and saved every piece , actually they came out
great.I over fired but am not sure to what extent possibly cone 8-9. Pre
shrunk pieces fit in the kiln much better but I dont recomend doing this for
fun .ha ha .
you must have patients as it takes days for the glaze to dry enough to
touch, not to mention shelf space. I took a lot of the water out of my glazes
before remixing and
had a very thick glaze I also left it in the glaze for a much longer count tha
After they were dry enough to touch I pretty much was able to judge how thick
the glaze was and if I needed to airbrush more on. Trust me when I say I was
very lucky that it worked at all never mind having such beautiful results .
There is a god !!!!!!!
By the way this was done on functionl pottery / dinnerware. You couldn't tell
what had been overfired bisque from the regular fired bisque. Try you've got
nothing to lose and every thing to gain. P.S. if you didn't blow the dust off
your work prior to bisque you'll have to clean it very carefully, I had to use
a paint brush to get into the little crevices , its real important to have
dust free pots . needless to say I use an airhose to blow off my pots before I
load into the bisque now after that fiasco. Hope this gives you the courage
to try , I feel for you as I've been there and done that. E-Mail me anytime at let me know how it goes I care.