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kiln ravings followup

updated sat 7 mar 98


CaraMox on fri 6 mar 98

I went ahead and completed the wiring for the little kiln.

And for those of you who pressured me to say - It's a Blue Diamond, from
Metairie Louisiana. I already have a 27 year old Blue Diamond (27" x 23")
that I bought used and required some rewiring (it had been sitting in a shed
for 10 years in the swampy humidity that is New Orleans) but fires like a
dream, considering.

The guy at the local electrical supply thought I was a freak, putting a twenty
amp 110 outlet on a 30 amp breaker, but he couldn't say why it was wrong. I
get that sort of thing alot. I think hardware guys cannot understand why
someone short and female wants *dangerous* electrical supplies. ;-)

Anyway, with alot of help from the local fixit art men, the kiln is wired, and
it fired, and its all fine. I wanted a kiln for its convenience, but this one
is twice the capacity of the Olympic Doll kiln (one of the other clay people
in the building has one, and I liked it, but out here in the boonies, the best
price was the same as my Blue Diamond), and could even be used for firing
small sculptural pieces. I decided that even though it is a small kiln, I
won't be moving it around much, just as I wouldn't move my bigger kiln around.

My advice for ordering kilns is to make sure that the manufacturer, not just
the supplier you're ordering it through, says it will work off your available

in New Orleans
where the hottest thing around on Monday was my temper, not my kiln.