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randy's green cone 5 ox? or is it ^10???

updated sat 7 mar 98


the cat lady on thu 5 mar 98

At 09:04 AM 3/4/98 EST, you wrote:
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>Hi John. I got this copy of Randy"s Green at a workshop, where it was
>described as a C 10 glaze. It works very well as is at C 5-6 and is a deep
>forest green, slightly translucent. Occasionally I have underfired it to C4,
>where it becomes matte and slightly metallic and looks very nice.
>Randy"s Green 7336 gram batch
>F/4 feldspar 1400
>Potash feldspar 1670
>Ball clay OM 4 800
>Silica 1280
>Strontium carb 1000
>Whiting 700
>Dolomite 486
>Tin oxide 293.44 (4%)
>Copper Carb 440.16 (6%)
>I hope this helps.
Hi glaze gurus!!

Which is it? ^6 or ^10? Before I test, and end up chipping off a shelf,
can I safely test this at ^10 ox?

Many TIA!!!

sam - alias the cat lady
Melbourne, Ontario

Karen Gringhuis on fri 6 mar 98

Put your test on a bisque cookie or in a catcher bowl!