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yvonne pund, shows

updated tue 3 mar 98


judy motzkin on mon 2 mar 98

I think you are right to be looking for retail shows, given the way
you work. Wholesale can be a good way of learning and growing and
even making a living, but it can also be a trap if your inclination is
to work on one of a kind pieces. In the 16+ years that I have been
doing the wholesale ACC shows, I have experienced both sides of that.
As I desire to do more one of a kind pieces and stick to my alone in
the studio ways, the shows work for me less well. Sometimes a great
wholesale show however might be made from the making of a good contact
with a gallery.
ACC does have a number of good retail only shows that you might look
into. Most of their shows are retail or have a retail component.
Yours, exhausted and just back from Baltimore,

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