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more kiln questions-the power co.

updated mon 2 mar 98


Tom Wirt on sun 1 mar 98

Lili's right on re: before you tear the kiln apart, talk to the powere
company. When I first started, I was having a similar problem, and
neighbors complained about power problems. Turned out, the power co.
came out and just cleaned and tightened the transformer connections.
Everything cleared up.

In our current situation, we told the power co (local coop) what we'd be
doing, but I'm not sure they believed us. They just came out, after
three years of up 164 amp draws, and voluntarily replaced the pole
transformer and- voila, we dropped 1/2 hour off our bisque times when all
three kilns are going full.

"It ain't necessarily you...."

Tom Wirt