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firing to 06 or 08???

updated mon 2 mar 98


Liz Zlot on fri 27 feb 98

to anyone in clayart,
I was wondering if there was a diference when I bisque to cone 06 or cone
08. I have done both but really don't know the effects. Can someone explain
if one is better or if there is even a difference. Thanks.

Gracedart on sun 1 mar 98

liz, you may get more technical answers along the way but i'll tell you what i
know...^08 is a lower temp than ^06 which simply means the clay is less
vitrified with the lower firing probably won't know by looking or
handling butit is a more porous piece when fired at lower temps...if you're
working with ^6 (stoneware clay) it will continue to shrink and vitrify with
the glaze firings which depending on your glaze will probably much higher
firing...making the clay less porous, tighter a body, stronger and more water
tight etc....does this help ?
Grace in CT