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europium oxide - $$$$$$$

updated mon 2 mar 98


Ditmar/Gayle on sun 1 mar 98

Don't have any information, sorry to say, on the benefits of europium in a
glaze. It may be as part of a stain composition or to add more heat stable

However, it IS expensive. I seriously doubt we'll all be running out and
getting a couple of pounds to test glazes with. One of my supply catalogs
shows the higher quality europium oxide selling for about $190 an OUNCE.

If you're still interested, let me know, I'll get you an address for a

From Alohaland, Ditmar.

( Europium is a " Rare Earth " element. Same general group as cerium,
didymium, erbium, neodymium, praseodymium....etc. Many are used in coloring
glass or making stains. So it would be a natural to color glazes with them.
The cost is what limits them for large scale consumption.....Compared to
the more common ceramic materials. If there's a special piece or a
one-of-a-kind commission, well the sky's the limit.)