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cone 7 glaze help

updated sat 28 feb 98


Ralph and Carol DiBiasio-Snyder on fri 27 feb 98

Greetings! I am new at this and am finding it wonderful! Thanks for
the help you all have been -- especially those who helped with the
Randall wheel mystery, which remains to be solved, but I am making
progress. Now for a question on behalf of a friend: Is anyone willing
to share recipes for cone 7 oxidation glazes for burgundy and/or hunter
green? If there are some in the archives, I haven't exactly figured out
how to use the archives yet. Oh, another question, I am trying to
figure out some of the short hand everyone uses! I think IMHO must be
In My Humble Opinion -- right? What is TIA? Well, thanks for the help.

Carol in Wisconsin, watching the tulips and daffodils poke through the
ground way too early and having no success convincing them to go back.