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scrounging parts for elec. kilns

updated fri 20 feb 98


Brad Sondahl on thu 19 feb 98

Today at the local dumpsters someone had left an old electric stove
sitting by them. It only took a couple minutes to take out the four
rangetop switches, which fit my old Crusader kiln. Last summer I had to
buy one switch at an appliance repair place, and it cost $30 US. I also
took some of the wires, as they have high temp insulation, and can be
used for connector wire. This advice rendered with the usual caveats,
but probably useful to those on limited budgets.
Also, you can make your own peephole plugs. Mix some kaolin, ball clay,
sawdust, and/or vermiculite with water to make a sturdy mush, shape to
fit, dry slowly, and fire to bisque before use.
Brad Sondahl
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