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glaze calculation workshop in july.

updated wed 18 feb 98


Ron Roy on mon 16 feb 98

Canador College will offer a cone 6 glaze calculation course the first week
in July (July 6 to 10) again this year.

While we will fire at cone 6 only, the techniques used will be applicable
to all temperatures. We will use the pottery studio for firing and mixing
tests and the computer lab for hands on glaze calculation. All aspects of
calculation will be covered including durability and fit.

You do not need ANY experience with computers or calculation software.

The course cost is $152 plus $30 materials fee - accommodation is $96.30
for five nights. That's Canadian by the way so the price in American funds
will be around $200.

Don't let the price fool you into thinking this course is thin in any way -
what ever you want to know about calculation will be covered - in detail.

If you need more info just drop me a line - if you want them to mail you a
description of the courses send me your address.

Canador College is a half day drive north of Toronto, Ontario.

Ron Roy
93 Pegasus trail
Scarborough Otario
Canada M1G 3N8
Phone: 416-439-2621
Fax: 416-438-7849
Web page: Home page

J Cullen on tue 17 feb 98

What is $200 US? The course fee? The course fee plus materials? The course
fee, the materials, and the accomodations? Sorry, I don't know the currency